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How to connect my WooCommerce store?

To connect your WooCommerce store to Around.io, here’s what you need to do:

First off, please make sure that Pretty Permalinks are enabled in your WordPress Settings.

To do this:

a. Go to WP Settings -> Permalinks

b. Under Common Settings, select any option other than Plain

c. Then, under Product Permalinks, select any option other than Default.

(These two steps are important for us to be able to read your WooCom store data).

Done with the above? Let’s move ahead then!

1. If you don’t have an Around.io account, sign up here.

2. During signup, you’ll be asked to connect your store. Click on “WooCommerce” from the list.

3. Then, type the URL of your shop. (If your shop is at http://myawesomeshop.com/ then just type in myawesomeshop.com. If your shop is located at http://somedomain.com/shop/ then type somedomain.com/shop/ )

4. Then click on “Connect”

You will be asked to authorize the connection.

Once you’ve successfully authorized, you should be logged into your dashboard in Around.io and you should see your products.

Updated on May 14, 2018

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