How to create a collage?

To create a collage:

1. Click on the Camera icon from the menu and then click Product Collage from the top menu.
2. Select a Layout in which you want to create the collage.

3. Select from Product images and Uploaded images.

4. Select the images (you can also search by title) one by one and then drag them into the particular block of the layout to place them as you wish.

5. You can also move, zoom in/out an image inside a block
6. Once you are done placing and adjusting images then click Create collage.


Where is my collage saved?

The collages you create are saved in your Image gallery inside Collages folder so you can use them whenever you want to.

What are the Layouts?

Collage layouts are ready-made collage designs that show you how a collage will look like.

Instead of creating random-sized collages, creates collages specifically designed for social media channels.

For instance, square photos are popular on Instagram so there’s the 2×2. On Pinterest, long images do better so we have the 2×6.

While it’s not a rule that you should only make a 2×6 collage for Pinterest, it’s a popular recommendation that does well.

Updated on May 18, 2017

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