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How to use Week or Day planner for Instagram

The easiest way to schedule Instagram posts from your product images is to use the Day/Week planner.

You should have the Instagram mobile app and  Around.io Instagram Push mobile app (iOS or Android) installed on your mobile device and logged in to the respective accounts.

With the Week planner, you can schedule a week full of Instagram posts with ease a. Here’s how:

1) Log in to Around.io and click on Planner.

2) Under “Week Planner”, click on Instagram. This will create your Instagram Week Plan.

3) If you wish to restart/reset your week plan, click on “Recreate plan”. It will randomly pick different products from your connected store.

4) On top-left, select the starting date for the week you want to schedule these tweets for. You can also change the time of posting for individual posts.

5) For each post you can change the text add hashtags and select a different product photo too if there are multiple photos for.a product.

6) Once you are done editing your post, click on “Schedule this”. This will save your Instagram Week Plan.

7) Now you can go to the Scheduled Posts tab to check if everything is alright and if you need to edit any details.

8) As soon as it’s time for a post, you will get a notification on your mobile.

9) Tap on the notification and the product photo you scheduled will open in Around.io app ready to be posted. Click on Post to Instagram to post it on Instagram.

Similarly with the Day planner you can schedule a day full of Instagram posts with few clicks.

Updated on April 5, 2017

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