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How to use RSS feeds?

What is an RSS?

RSS is a simple way to keep track of a website (and get updates about its latest posts/articles). Most websites have what’s called a feed URL which tells us that the blog/website has been update with new posts/articles.

If you follow a lot of blogs, you can use RSS to keep track of all of them from one place. (Better than checking every blog every day to see if it has been updated).

Around.io’s RSS page helps you do just that. You can add a lot of feeds and we will show you the latest posts from those feeds whenever you check the RSS page. And you can also share these posts on social media.

How does it help?

With Around.io’s RSS, you can find the latest posts/articles from your favorite blogs and websites quickly. And you can then share them with your followers too.

Around.io’s RSS makes it quicker to find the latest posts/articles from all of your favorite blogs and websites.

Not only can you catch up on the latest from your favorite websites but you can also share these posts/articles on social media quickly.

How can I add feeds?

To add a feed to your RSS:

1. Click on the Content icon from the menu
2. Click on “RSS”
3. Type or paste the URL of the feed / blog / website and click on “Add blog”

That’s it. You will see a list of latest posts/articles from the website you just added.

You can add as many feeds as you want.

How can I remove feeds?

To remove a feed:

1. Click on “Manage blog”
2. Then, click on “Delete” for the blog feed you want to delete

This will remove the feed and the posts from that feed from your RSS page.

How to can I share my favourite posts from the saved feeds?

When you have added RSS feeds from your favourite blogs go to your RSS tab and you can see all the posts from your feeds . You can open an article by clicking “Read” or share the article by clicking “Share” button.


Updated on July 3, 2017

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