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How to use the Day Planner for Twitter?

Here’s how to create a Day Plan for your Twitter profile:

  1. Login to Around.io and click on Planner.
  2. Under “Day Planner“, click on Twitter. This will create your Twitter Day Plan.
    You can edit a lot of things in the Twitter Day Plan before scheduling it.
  3. On top-left, select the date you want to schedule these tweets for.
  4. On top-right, you can change the Twitter Day Plan “type”. By default, this is “All Images”. Here’s more about Twitter Day Plan types and what they do.
  5. For each tweet, you can edit the time, add hashtags and change the tweet text. On tweets with images, you can select a different product photo too.
  6. Once you are done editing your tweets, click on “Schedule this“. This will save your Twitter Day Plan.
  7. If you wish to restart/reset your day plan, click on “Recreate plan”.
Updated on January 6, 2017

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