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Posting and Scheduling to Instagram using Around.io Insta Push App — Here’s A Complete Guide To Help You Get Started

1. Install Instagram app

In order to schedule and post to Instagram, you will need the official Instagram app installed on your phone.

If you haven’t installed it already, you must do so now. (Install here: Instagram for iOS / Instagram for Android)

2. Install Around.io’s Insta Push app & login

To get started, install the Around.io Insta Push app (Download for iOS / Download for Android) on your phone.

After installation, you should open the app and login (using your Around.io account).

Once you login, you will see your products (from your shop) listed. This means you’ve logged in successfully.

You can post your product photos directly to Instagram from here but we’ll get to that later.

Now, you’re ready to schedule posts for Instagram.

3. Connect to Instagram on the web app

The next thing you should do is connect Instagram in your Around.io account. If you’ve already connected Instagram in Around.io, you can skip this step.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Around.io and login
  • Go to the Settings page and click on Store Settings
  • Under the Instagram icon, click on Connect Instagram
  • Type your Instagram handle in the field and click on Save

Now, you’ve connected Instagram!

4. Schedule posts for Instagram

Scheduling posts for Instagram is very much the same as scheduling for other social media.

You can schedule posts through the Planners, or schedule a product directly, or schedule content from the Content section. You can also create collages and schedule them for Instagram.

For example, here’s how you can schedule a product.

5. Wait for the notifications on the mobile app

Once you’ve scheduled something for Instagram, it’s time to wait for the notifications to come on the mobile.

Around.io will send you a notification (as shown in the screenshot below) whenever there is a post scheduled to be published on Instagram.

Since Instagram does not allow any app to post automatically (on your behalf), the posting will have to be done manually. But we make it easier: the photo and the caption are all ready for you to use.

6. Tap on the notifications to check & post

When you get a notification from Around.io, it’s time to post.

  • Tap on the notification. This will open the Around.io Insta Push app.
  • Once you’re ready to post, tap on Post to Instagram.

  • You will see a popup. Tap on OK to post. (The popup will tell you that the caption has been copied).

  • The Instagram app will open with the photo. You can choose to crop and add filters to the photo. Once you’re done, tap on Next.
  • For caption, just tap and hold on the caption for a second or two. You will then see the Paste option. Tap on it. This will paste the caption of your scheduled post. Easy!
  • Finally, tap on Share to post to Instagram.

That’s it! You’ve scheduled and posted to Instagram successfully, using Around.io Insta Push! Wasn’t it easy?

More: Promote products directly from the mobile app

Besides being able to send you notifications (with photo and caption at the ready), Around.io Insta Push can also help you promote your products on Instagram whenever you want to.

To do this:

  • Open the Around.io Insta Push app on your phone
  • If you are not logged in, login using your Around.io account
  • After logging in, you’ll see a list of products (from your shop). Your latest products appear first
  • Now, tap on any product you want to promote on Instagram
  • Pick a photo by swiping left/right on the photo
  • Finally, tap on Post to Instagram.

This will open your Instagram app and you post your product photo. Remember, your product description has been copied to your phone’s clipboard so you can just paste it right there in the caption if you want to! 🙂

Updated on April 13, 2017

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