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What is the Day Planner? How does it help?

The Day Planner is a feature which creates a daily social media plan for your shop, automatically.

When you use the Day Planner, it creates a collection of posts that will go out at different times throughout the day — making you active on social media without actually spending all day on it.

All the posts that the Day Planner creates are picked randomly from your product catalog. (In the Twitter Day Planner, some posts are motivational quotes from our database).

You can use the Day Planner for different social channels (like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr).

You can also configure every little thing in the Day Plan posts like:

  • You can edit the time of each post that will be posted.
  • You can edit the text / description for each post.
  • You can select a different product photo for the posts with a photo.
  • You can select a different page, board or blog for each post in the Day Plan.
  • You can delete some posts from the Day Plan.

How does it help?

Being active on social media is vital if you want to get a lot of social media traffic to your shop. Posting at different times throughout the day helps you reach more of your followers (as each one of them uses social media at different times).

Being active throughout the day can be extremely hard, tiring and unmanageable when you are running an online store. That is why most online sellers and small business owners automate social media marketing.

The Day Planner helps you automate your daily social media postings so you can appear to be active on social media even though all it takes for you to create your Day Plan is about 5-10 minutes of your time.

In other words, you will spend only about 10 minutes to create posts for an entire day using the Day Planner.

Updated on December 23, 2016

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