What’s in GIF?

What’s a GIF?

A GIF is an animated image. Like this one here.

GIFs are like videos but they are smaller in size (usually) and rendered as images instead of videos.

GIFs are all the rage. Especially on social media. On Twitter and Facebook, GIFs are very popular.

Around.io has a GIF page where you can find hot, trending, funny GIFs at all times. You can also search for interesting GIFs based on keywords. Search for kittens you’ll find adorable GIFs of kittens. Give it a try here.

How is it useful?

Posting GIFs on your social media is a great way to increase engagement. (Humor, fun = leads to more of your fans/followers engage with your posts).

But finding GIFs appropriate for a specific topic, event, occasion etc. can be a very hard thing to do (if you didn’t know where to find good, high-quality GIFs).

Around.io’s GIF makes it super-easy to find the best, high-quality GIFs for any topic, any event or any occasion.

How to find and share a GIF?

To find and share GIFs:

1. Click on the Content icon in the menu
2. Click on GIF on the top
3. Now, search for any GIF (you can try the search bar too)
4. Click on “Share” under the GIF you want to share and that’s it

Updated on December 21, 2016

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