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What’s “Content”?

Content is where you can find the most interesting, engaging and hottest/trending content.

On social media, content is everything. Your social engagement, fan following and popularity depend on the kind of content you share.

If you share just your product, most people will stop engaging with your posts (because it’s just about your products). Instead, you should try to mix it up with some really interesting, useful, entertaining content.

The Content tab in Around.io makes it easy to find and share interesting content with your followers at all times.

How is it useful?

Finding great content that attracts more followers to your social page / board is tough. Doing that every day is almost impossible unless you know exactly where to find them.

The Content feature in Around.io helps you discover amazing content on any topic that you can share on social media.

This helps in two ways:
1. Saves you time in finding great content to share with your fans
2. Keeps your social profile truly interesting with a mish-mash of interesting, engaging content

How to find interesting content and share?

To find content and share on your social channel:

1. Click on the Content icon from the menu
2. Search for a topic (enter a few keywords in the search bar). Example: new year gift ideas
3. From the search results, pick any content you want to share. Click on “Share”
4. Post or schedule to any social channel

Updated on December 21, 2016

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