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Where to find your post history?

The History page is a record of all the posts that have been posted. This includes posts you had scheduled (from My Products, Planners, Content, RSS etc.) and the ones you posted directly (without scheduling).

The History page is helpful in two ways:
1. You can see what’s posted
2. You can re-share/repost things you have posted already

What’s “Add to Library”?

“Add to Library” adds your History post to your Post Library. You can then edit or reschedule this post whenever you want to.

This is useful when you want to re-post something from your History but you are not yet sure about when to post it. (So you save it to your Post Library).

What’s “Re-share”?

When you click on “Re-share”, you will be able to repost or reschedule the History post easily. This doesn’t save your post to the Post Library but you can schedule it or post it on social media right away.

Updated on December 21, 2016

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