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Why Are My Links Being Shortened?

All links shared from Around.io are shortened.

When you share / schedule a product, or create a day/week plan, or share any content/RSS, you will notice that the link looks something like “seethis.co/aJuyT“.

What’s seethis.co?

“seethis.co” is a shortlink URL that Around.io uses. It is run by Around.io. The links shortened using “seethis.co” are all safe and secure (for those of you who know about secure protocols, we use HTTPS).

Typically, links to your shop’s product pages and other links are long.

In many cases, they spoil the look and feel of the message you share along with the link. This is especially more pronounced on mobile screens.

Shortened links (known better as shortlinks) help you shorten the link and make it look much cleaner. An added benefit of shortlinks is that people can just type it out on a browser.

We are working on bringing you a complete set of analytics data that will help you track visitors to your shop through the posts you share on social media.

Shortlinks help us track the clicks and build your personal dataset. You can see things like which social media contributes most traffic to your shop, what type of content (photo, link etc.) performs best for you etc. All this is made possible using the shortlinks.

Updated on April 17, 2017

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